The Future is Already Here

It's just not evenly distributed

-- William Gibson, 2003

About Us

FutureSense is a recently launched technology venture based in Seoul, Korea, with a development center in Northern California. FutureSense builds enterprise blockchain solutions for companies and governments, in diverse sectors: smart cities, environment, health care, supply chain, financial services, and transportation.

FutureSense leverages a portfolio of emerging and synergistic techologies:

  • Blockchain
  • AI
  • IOT
  • Big Data

FutureSense is a recent spin-out company from ConsenSys, the world's most prominent enterprise blockchain company. FutureSense is the primary business development partner for ConsenSys in Korea. FutureSense will be selling products and services from the ConsenSys portfolio, but also additional offerings from other vendors, plus open-source technologies from the Ethereum ecosystem.

Although our primary platform is Ethereum (both public and private networks), we also apply other platforms as needed: Tezos, HyperLedger Fabric, and R3 Corda.

FutureSense is about unveiling the full potential of blockchain and other emerging technologies

We are experienced enough to know that technology by itself is not a complete answer to a business problem. A successful solution requires understanding of the genuine requirements of the business, discovery of the real pain points, and addressing the primary challenge in the project first, which might relate to business model, user experence, integraton with legacy systems, or organizational structure.

  • 01Why focus on enterprise blockchain?

    Our background is in the enterprise sector over many years. We have seen successes and failures. We have seen waves of potentially promising technologies fizzle and sputter, while others succeed in delivering business value and having positive social impact. We see the potential of blockchain and other technologies in benefittng businesses, economy, society and people's daily lives. For us, that journey begins in the enterprise sector, but does not end there.

  • Currently, Ethereum is the #1 blockchain technology platform. Unlike Bitcoin (which is the #1 cryptocurrency, but is not a platform), Ethereum is a programmable platform that lets developers build solutions to business problems based on smart contract techology. Ethereum has the richest ecosystem of tools, libraries and services, such as: Metamask, Truffle, Infura, Diligence, MythX, Open Zeppelin, and so on. Because of this programmability and ecosystem, Ethereum is the technology foundation for most of the emerging activity around DeFi (decentralized finance) that holds great potential for revolutionizing the economic and financial services.

  • Although our founders have worked in many countries and regions (US, China, Europe), our roots are in Korea and we see great potential in the Korean economy, because South Korea is one of the nations and regions (such as China, Singapore, Taiwan, New Zealand, Japan, and Vietnam) that have successfully dealt with the horrible problem of the Coronavirus pandemic and have managed to cross over to the post-pandemic era This is in contrast to other economies and regions that are still struggling to manage the epidemic.

    The world will never go back to normal (pre-pandemic era), but there is an opportunity to transition to a new way fo doing business and new way for people to live their lives, and South korea is one of the countries that at the moment is leading the way. There is govornment funding in promising technologies (blockchain, AI, IOT, clean energy) that will play a role in post-pandemic ecomomic and society.


Key Aspects of an Enterprise Blockchain Solution

There are many factors that affect the success of an enterprise blockchain initiative. Some of these relate to technology, and others relate to busness aspects, organizational issues, society and cultural factors. Below is a profile of an enterprise application in relation to technology-related factors. An essential factor is identity. Every substantial enterprise solution requires a solid digital identity footing. This can mean use of decentralized identity (DID) and verifiable credentials (VC). Other aspects are shown in the chart below.

Identity 100%
Trusted Data Feeds 75%


FutureSense offers a range of services: strategic technology advisory, professional consulting services and use case discovery. We offer services for the full life-cycle of blockchain system development including: analysis, system design, build, test, deploy, monitor, assess and system enhancement.

We have worked on projects relating to smart cities, financial services, health care, decentralized identity, and supply chain, among others. Our focus going forward is on blockchain-based solutions, plus the emerging convergence with other strategic technologies such as AI, IOT and Big Data

Strategic Advisory Services

Strategic advisory services involve technology analysis, market analysis, customer profile development, competitive landscape definition, best practices reporting, and customer-directed research.

User-Centered Design

We adhere to well-established best practices in designing an effective and impactful user experience: requirements discovery, design thinking brainstorming, model-driven prioitization, user journey mapping, metrics-based usability analysis and so on.

Technology Strategy

The goal is to align technology to well-defined outcomes and metrics around business value. Emerging and innovative technologies such as blockchain, AI and Big Data have great potential, but should not be used for their own sake, without clear goals and objectives.

Agile technology Implementation

We follow well-established best practices using agile development methodologies that include test-driven design, well-paced sprints, continuous deployment, usability instrumentation, production split A/B testing, code reviews, code security reviews and automated security scans.

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Use Cases

FutureSense is a recently launched startup company, and therefore is just now starting to accumulate a client base. However FutureSense principals have extensive experience in technology companies, most recently ConsenSys. Here are some of the use cases and case studies that we were involved with as part of ConsenSys.

  • All
  • Financial Services
  • Supply Chain
  • Smart Cities

App 1


Web 3


App 2


Card 2


Web 2


Project I2I

Interbank payments

Card 1


Card 3


Web 3



Our team is centered in Korea but we have staff in other parts of the world, including Silicon Valley USA. Our backgrounds are mostly in technology, including: blockchain, AI, operating system, Web, mobile and various enterprise systems. Our business domain expertise includes: financial services, health care, supply chain, cybersecurity, and education.

Dami An

Co-Founder & CEO

Former Korea Market Manager at ConsenSys. Built startups in Korea and China.

Ray Valdes

Co-Founder & CTO

Former Chief Transformation Officer at ConsenSys. Enterprise technology at Gartner for 15 years.

Gregory Rocco

Senior Engineer, Identity & Token Systems

Former team member of ConsenSys Identity and Token Foundry..

Clark Thompson

Financial Services Thought Leader

Former head of Global Solution Architecture at ConsenSys. Expert on CDBC.

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